So your mate is getting married. In a tradition widely practised around the world, it is the responsibility of a groom’s male friends to give him an unforgettable sendoff. Your mate is saying goodbye to the freedom of bachelorhood and saying hello to marriage. Doesn’t he deserve one last night of single excitement with his bros?

Such is the buck’s night, and it is with this event that you have an opportunity to give your mate the time of his life (and have a pretty awesome evening yourself). As you begin the plans and preparations for this iconic rite of passage, you’ll want to make a list of your necessary buck’s night essentials. Be sure not to forget anything on this list! Of course, you can add more to these basics depending on whatever crazy ideas you come up with.

Here’s what you’ll definitely need:

The Groom

The #1 essential item for the ultimate bucks night is the groom himself! Make sure the buck’s night can happen on an evening when the groom has no other plans–preferably for the entire weekend. You want him to relax and enjoy the proceedings fully and guiltlessly.


Unless you’re a non-drinking group, alcohol is typically a staple at any buck’s night. If you’re not sure, ask the groom about his favourite beers and liquors, and be sure to have those on hand. Some mates like to class it up with high quality whiskey and cigars, but the choice is entirely yours. To plan ahead, consider how many mates you’ll be inviting and if you plan to purchase alcohol when you’re out. This can help you get the right amount for your group.

*Sassy Strippers reminds you to drink responsibly!


If you’re going out as part of your buck’s night for dinner, drinks, or another activity, plan ahead by booking transportation. As buck’s nights tend to get wild and drinking is often involved, you should definitely make arrangements for transportation, whether by public transport, limo, with a hired car and driver, taxi, or with a service such as Uber, if available in your area.

The Venue

Buck’s nights can take place anywhere, but for this special occasion, many mates book private rooms or venues to host their party. This is ideal if you’re seeking to select your own top quality adult entertainment. The beautiful, professional performers from Sassy Strippers are available to showcase their talents (and show off their assets) in many different venues. However, it’s important to check that the venue will allow your entertainment prior to confirming your booking to ensure that your stripper can perform once she has arrived.

Not sure what venue to choose? Many clubs and restaurants offer private spaces that can be fully booked for functions such as buck’s nights. If no other options seem appropriate, you can have a boys night in for your mate, and bring the gorgeous ladies to you.


The single most important part of any buck’s night plan is the main event: the entertainment. Hiring sexy and beautiful strippers to entertain the groom on his last night of freedom is a great tradition, and our performers love working at these events. Why not choose an extra special offering for your mate? Check the menu of services on our site to see what’s available. We have full nude stripteases, wet and wild double acts, or our single XXX rated show: a buck’s party favourite. The choice is yours!

Now that you’ve got the buck’s night essentials planned, you’re all set to book. Give our staff at Sassy Strippers a call to reserve the performer of your choice and then get ready for a crazy and thrilling evening.