Blue Bay Female Strippers

Blue Bay Adult Entertainment at its Best

Where can you find the most gorgeous strippers in Blue Bay? It’s not a secret anymore: Sassy Strippers is the premier provider of adult entertainment in the region, with sass, class, and a professional outlook that makes all the difference.

Sassy Strippers is comprised of a team of confident ladies who love taking it all off for you. Our gals perform tempting striptease, pole dance, and full nude strips that are better than you ever imagined. We’ve been booked in for a massive variety of events, but are most popular are buck’s nights. Local mates are sent off to matrimony with a final sensual hurrah they won’t soon forget. Let our knockout Blue Bay strippers help make your favourite bachelor grin from ear to ear.

Sassy’s owner Yvette is exceedingly proud of the business, as she has endeavoured nonstop to set the bar higher for the adult entertainment industry in Australia. Because of her actions and standards, Sassy Strippers has begun to forge the path for others to follow. When you book with us, you can feel good about choosing an organisation that values integrity and supports our performers 100%.

No matter what your event entails, your team from Sassy’s will strive to ensure the occasion hits the mark, offering assistance to keep things running smoothly and happily. We won’t let your guests have a bad time. Ready to give us a try? Don’t wait. Get in touch and book now to see how we deliver Blue Bay erotic entertainment to new heights


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M: 0428 880 788